Light at end of green tunnel

Limited opening

With the lifting of some lockdown restrictions i’m pleased to say that we will be open in a limited way shortly.

Park Barn remains closed, but I have been working with the surgeries to establish additional safety measures to reduce the risk of spreading any infection.

For now the surgeries will not be permitting anyone to wait in the waiting areas. Instead, you will be able to arrive near your appointment time and I will bring you directly into the treatment rooms through a different entrance.

You must wear a mask when attending the surgery.

I have spaced the appointments out further to allow time for deep cleaning during the day. I shall be wearing gloves and face mask as always, but will also now wear a faceshield.

I will also be doing some home visits now. I would ask that you only book one of these if you are in pain or discomfort – this is to ensure you are not increasing your risk unnecessarily.

For home visits, measures will be similar to the above. I will also take off my shoes and put on disposable plastic covers on my feet when entering.

You’ll have to forgive me that we won’t be able to have some of our usual hugs for a while.